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It's Going to be a Perfect Day
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19th-Nov-2005 06:09 pm(no subject)
Okay, I got my grad proofs! I need some opinions! Much love to Sarah for giving me the webspace :)

its right here under the cutCollapse )
29th-Jul-2005 04:52 pm(no subject)
omg going into work today a freakin BIRD flew into my windshield... and flew away. no damage but it was scary shit.

and i am so tired.. damn you aiken. its all your fault and your hot tour and catchy new song keeping me up all night.

and i need to study here and i just want to sleep. lol. i dont want the effort for to capitalize my word so tough.
17th-Jul-2005 02:44 am(no subject)
Just wondering...

Am I the only person who has never read a Harry Potter book?
27th-May-2005 12:31 am(no subject)
Okay it seems lj is eating comments so I'm just making this friends-cut poll for everyone to fill out. :) Do so at your leisure.

Poll #501499 Friends Cut

Do you want to stay on my list?

Yes!!! I love you keep me please!
Whatever..it doesn't matter to me.
Actually, I wouldn't mind being taken off.
I don't know...just keep me anyways.
20th-Apr-2005 07:46 pm(no subject)
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Women are persons too - October 18, 1929

That's written on our 50 dollar bills. Can I just say I really love my country sometimes?
7th-Apr-2005 06:58 pm(no subject)
I tried for some tickets but the only ones coming up were near the back of the sections. I'm short dammit. And if I am gonna have to travel that far I'd like a good seat. I guess I will check in for the presale tomorrow :(
15th-Mar-2005 06:16 pm(no subject)
I just did a friends cut.. mostly people who don't comment or I grew apart from. If you didn't want to be cut, whatever- I'll add you back if you really want to that bad. I suppose everyone is happy anyway. It's a common custody of clees cutting me anyway.
Also, hoorah for vagueness.

I'm SICK of work already and I'm on break. wtf. Die school.

And yay. Depression.
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